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General Info

The Jackass Mail Run actually got it's start in 1961 as The Stage to Springville. This was part of the Porterville Centennial Celebration that lasted all year. The next year (1962) the folks that put on the 1961 run said everyone had so much fun that they should make it an annual event. They decided to make it a part of Western Week as a Kickoff to the Springville Sierra Rodeo. We came up with the name to go along with the days the USPS delivered the mail via Wagon hence The Jackass Mail Run. We actually deliver the USPS Mail (but) it must contain a Mail Run Stamp along with a USPS Stamp, placed in Special Jackass Mail Run Box. We collect the Mail, cancel our stamp, put it in a strong box under armed guard+lock and key. Load it onto the Mail Run Wagon where it travels to Springville Ca. under Heavily Armed Out Riders, lead by the Wagon Master and followed by several other Wagons and Buggies and hundreds of riders! Once in Springville there always seems to be several Outlaws (bad guys) that try to steel the Mail. A Big Shootout commences and for 56 year the Wagon Master and his Posse (good guys) have prevailed and got the Mail through. At that point the Mail is turned over to the Springville Post Master where it will continue on to its final destination.

This is a family event that everyone is welcome to come along. Each year the next to the last full weekend before the Springville Rodeo unless the date is changed for other reasons we put on the Famous Jackass Mail Run. The Jackass Mail Committee (Wagons  and Riders) start out at Porterville City Hall at 8:30 am or thereabouts. They proceed south on Main St until Vine where they jog over to D St.  You Will hear the Gun Fire! The old Rail Road right of way on the west side of D st is where anyone can Join up with the Mail Run. We ask that you make sure that your Mount is in good sound condition and is ready for a warm to hot 17 mile ride on Asphalt with occasional Gun Fire. We prefer that you don't bring Stallion's on this ride as there are inexperienced and or young riders that may not know how to handle a Mare in this situation. From the corner of Orange and D we head out east with escort from Porterville Police. It is against the Law to Consume Fermented Products from the Farm (Alcohol) within City Limits. We continue easterly on Orange to Date and then Jog over to Springville Drv. continuing to  meet up with Hy 190 at Success Market for a short pause then continue on 190 to a lunch stop at the Antlers Saloon where the Good Folks there have a big BBQ and Drinks for both Man and Beast!  (No charge for Drinks for Beast) A nominal fee for lunch and drinks is charged. After a long pause to nourish the innards of both Man and Beast we pull out heading a north easterly direction (or some direction) destination Springville Sierra Rodeo Grounds. All along the way we provide several rest stops with port-a-potties that we ask you to wait and use  them, not the bushes. Along the ride we and the CHP ask that you ride to the right of the fog (white) line, stay caught up with the group as best you can.  The CHP will escort us from Porterville to Springville and if you need to know something or do something please ask a Jackass Mail Run Member that is wearing a Silver Star Badge and they can get or give you the info.  We try to have a trailer following us on the trip for any  horses that may be unable to continue.  Once we reach Springville Rodeo Grounds the Ride part of the trip is over for our guests but we encourage you to dismount and secure your horse and head on up the road to enjoy the festivities in town.  The Mail Run Committee will wait for a spell and then continue on to town to deliver the Mail as long as the Bandits to Steel it that is!

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